Enjoy your photos again

Are you completely overwhelmed by photos, videos, and the beautiful stuff of life…aka alllll those boxes of memorabilia under the bed? Did you inherit family scrapbooks chock full of family gems but in extremely poor condition? Do you have years of your own photos, papers, videos, and treasures sitting in shoe boxes and stuffed into cupboards? Wondering how to get your photos off of your phone and into a book you can hold in your hand?

If you answered YES to just one of the above scenarios… you are in the right place. Modern Memorykeeper can eliminate your photo overwhelm and let you enjoy your photos again! I’m Sue Triggs-Rhuda and I’m the Founder and Creator-in-chief here at Modern Memorykeeper. I have the passion and expertise to organize your photos and get those memories out of boxes and hard drives and into beautifully designed photo books and albums you can hold in your hand and enjoy for years to come.

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