Digital Photo Organizing

digital photo organizing-computer screen shown in black and white full of wedding photos

Digital Peace

Your photo overwhelm was not created in a day…

We are all busy and  a project like organizing your photos always seems like it should be at the top of your list but life has other plans…Then… your laptop dies…you drop the hard drive that is your only copy of your digital photos on the floor and it breaks… your phone is lost and with it all of your photos that were never backed up to the cloud (you were going to get to that one day)…

Thousands of photos on your computer, hard drives, thumb drives, cd’s, floppy disks (remember those?) and last but not least…your smart phone.  We can help you dig out from the digital avalanche.  Modern Memorykeeper will consolidate and streamline your collection into one location, easy to access and use.

digital photo organizing-iPhone resting on top of open MacBook Pro keyboard showing the same photo


Are you still slightly mystified about how all of this works? We can get your Photos library in shape and working with your mobile device for seamless access to your images.

digital photo organizing-close-up of black thumb drive with project tag from Modern Memorykeeper

Photos & Videos everywhere

Imagine all of your images and video in one beautiful digital library, backed up and easy to access and share. We can make that happen.

digital organizing-photo grid showing 81 thumbnails of vacation in spain

Photo Websites

Is sharing with friends and family far and wide at the top of your list? Then a website as secure as you would like is just the thing, and we can design a solution unique to your photos and family.

Let’s get started organizing your digital images today!

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