Portfolio-Digital Photo Organizing

Digital photo organizing does not usually yield fabulous before and after photos… it usually looks like boxes of any kind of electronic device that can hold an image… and then one lovely, hold in the palm of your hand hard drive you can hold in your hand! For my Mac clients, their photos are uploaded directly into the Apple Photos library, so nothing to show but screenshots!

“Before” 116 individual sources (more came in after this photo was taken) 106, 234 items using 632Gb of space

Modern Memorykeeper Portfolio Digital Organizing-image of table full of cameras, old phones, computers and camcorders

“After” Everything on ONE external hard drive, over half of the items were duplicates! Quite a slimmed down library.

Modern Memorykeeper Portfolio Digital Organizing-image external hard drive in case with business card and power cord

Let’s Get Started!

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