Janice F.

Black and white restored image of World War 2 soldier

Sue Triggs-Rhuda from Modern Memory Keeper did an amazing job for me! I was going through a big box of old photos and found a tattered envelope full of negatives from WWII.  They were pictures my dad took while he was serving in Europe during WWII.  He passed  away many years ago so if I could get them developed it would be an opportunity for me to see some new (old) photos of him during an important chapter of his life.  The negatives were in bad shape and I was sure there was no way to process them.  I got in touch with Sue and she worked her magic and processed all the photos.  I loved how she presented them back to me by putting each photo on the envelope with the file name and the negative neatly tucked in the envelope.  With that, I could decide which photos I’d like to enlarge and order.  I would highly recommend Sue for any of your photo projects.  She will provide a quick response and creative ideas for getting your photo projects off the ground and successfully completed!

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