Photos + Words = Memories

Modern Memorykeeper is dedicated to helping you preserve your memories and tell your story.

Like many of us today, are you completely overwhelmed by photos, video and the beautiful stuff of life?

Are you the keeper of the “family archives”, the one who ends up with all of the family treasures?

Did you inherit family scrapbooks chock full of family gems but in extremely poor condition?

Do you have years of your own photos, papers, videos and treasures sitting in shoe boxes and stuffed into cupboards?


Wondering how to get your photos off of your phone and into a book you can hold in your hand?


We can help you organize your photos and memorabilia, safeguarding them for the future,  we then use them to help you tell your unique story.

We craft these elements into custom-made items you can hold in your hand, designed and made just for your individual needs .

Each memory is unique, their preservation should be as well. Let us help you tell your stories.

Preserving Your Memories

Telling Your Stories