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Do you have photos everywhere? Digital photos in multiple places, hard drives, computers, memory sticks and who knows where, and you can’t find a thing? Photos stuffed in shoeboxes and bundled in closets? Cannot figure out your iPhone? Tired of scrolling (and scrolling and scrolling) to find a photo to share on social media? Have you gone on an amazing vacation and have nothing to show for it but (wait for it) scrolling photos on your tiny smart phone screen?

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How can Modern Memorykeeper eliminate your photo overwhelm?

I can eliminate your photo overwhelm and let you enjoy your photos again! I’m Sue Triggs-Rhuda, I’m a Certified Photo Manager and the owner here at Modern Memorykeeper. I have the passion and expertise to organize your photos and get those memories out of boxes and hard drives and into beautifully designed photo books and albums you can hold in your hand and enjoy for years to come.

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Modern Memorykeeper has the antidote to your photo overwhelm, customized to your project. Learn more about how we can help you enjoy your photos again

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Meet the Photo Organizer

Want to know more about who you are entrusting with your precious memories? A bit about me here…

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Get a glimpse of projects that Modern Memorykeeper has completed for clients. These pages are a work in progress so check back as new items are added and the pages are revised!

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What are clients saying about the kind of work that Modern Memorykeeper does to help preserve their memories and tell their stories

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Find articles on Photo Organizing, Family Stories and all things photo and memory keeping related on the blog.

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Get in Touch

Get in touch using our contact form, found on this page…

Ready to sign up for a complimentary 15 minute call?

Want to see more? Click the video below to see some of the things we can do for you to organize your photos and conquer your photo overwhelm!

vintage photographs tossed on a table with filter

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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