Modern Memorykeeper



I am Sue Triggs-Rhuda and I am the founder and Creative-in-Chief for Modern Memorykeeper.  I am excited to share my passion for Memorykeeping and stories with you.  Here is a tiny slice of my story:

I have been a collector of photos, memorabilia and stories since I was a very little girl…My first scrapbook, in the old Victorian style of scrapbooking is from when I was about 5 (!)  I have kept photos, writing, and the bits and pieces of everyday life in scrapbooks, photo albums, handmade books, fancy bound journals, and just about everything else since then.   We are extremely fortunate as a family to have had our own memorykeepers going back several generations on both sides!  And, of course,  I have become the official Family Historian and Curator.  I’m currently working with family scrapbooks and slides over 60 years old to transform them into something the next generations will be able to enjoy.

I’ve experimented with multiple styles and media for memorykeeping throughout the years, fitting each project with it’s appropriate media.  Some stories call for clean lined photobooks, some stories call for traditional paper scrapbooks stuffed to the brim with ephemera from travels and life, and some stories are so large and wonderful that multiple solutions are needed to tell a complete story.  I love sharing my work with family and friends.

I live north of Boston with my wonderful hubby and crazy fun twin girls.  When I’m not working to help people tell their stories or driving the teenagers around, I’m hanging out with friends, making magic out of fabric and yarn, attempting to garden, walking the dog and spending time at the beach in the summer.  I love living near the ocean, in the footsteps of my New England ancestors and in my favorite part of the country.

Why I am a Memory Keeper:

To capture the beauty of the everyday.

To freeze time.

To honor the past.

To dream of the future.

To tell our stories.

To share my heart.

This is your life, share your story