What we do

Your photos, images and memorabilia  are a reflection of you and your family and are completely unique.  No two clients have the same needs, wants and goals.  Our approach to your memory library is as unique as you are.

We provide all of our clients with the most personalized service possible.

Organize the Overwhelm

Print and Memorabilia Organization

Boxes of random photos, albums of printed photos and memorabilia…clippings, ribbons, letters, papers, artwork, school work… all the stuff of your life.  Let us help you curate your memory library and consolidate the photo overwhelm.    We can curate and consolidate your printed photos, eliminate duplicates and poor images and streamline your collection.  Boxes of memorabilia?  Let us help you sort through the piles and select the best items to preserve.   Interested in completely streamlining your library?  Let Modern Memorykeeper digitize your physical photos, vintage albums and memorabilia into a format that can be backed up to prevent loss, and converted into photo books for more compact storage and ease of viewing.

Digital Photo Organization

Thousands of photos on your computer, hard drives, thumb drives, cd’s, floppy disks (remember those?) and last but not least…your smart phone.  We can help you dig out from the digital avalanche.  As with printed photos, we can consolidate and streamline your collection in a Family Memory Library in one location.

Maintain your newly organized Photo Library

Backup Systems

Now that your digital images are organized, how do you preserve all the hard work in case of computer crashes, external drive failures or natural disasters?  We can advise and assist you in setting up a backup system to keep your Family Memory Library safe and accessible.

Photo Library Maintenance

We’ve gotten your physical and digital photo life under control…still finding the thought of maintenance overwhelming?  Modern Memorykeeper can design a maintenance plan for your photo library, prompt you when it’s time to upload and back up or maintain your library for you, relieving you of the job and taking one more thing off of your to-do list.

Photo Editing and Restoration

Vintage photos that need restoration or repair?  Photos from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s that are starting to fade?  Specialty photos from snorkeling or diving?  Camera settings not quite right?  We can help!  We have years of experience in the use of professional editing software and you will be amazed at the improvements we can make.  Let us help you with a seemingly impossible restoration and you’ll have another photo to add to your Family Story.

Share and Display your Family Story

Photo books, Albums and Online Sharing

Let Modern Memorykeeper design beautiful photo books from your digital images that will be cherished family heirlooms for years to come.  Do you like more of an eclectic feeling?  We can design and create a more traditional photo or scrapbook album of your memories.

Do you have family and friends far and wide you’d like to share your stories with?  Modern Memorykeeper can design photo books and have multiple copies made to share physical memories with others.   We can also set up online galleries with photo and video sharing, password-protected, that you can share with a click of a mouse.   Your stories can then be viewed on any connected device.

Wall Art, Special Projects and Home Decor.

Don’t want to just have your beautiful photos and most meaningful moments preserved between the covers of a photo book or in on online gallery?  Let Modern Memorykeeper design and facilitate installations of wall art and home decor.  Have physical items other than photographs that you’d like to display or experience in a more hands on way?  We can take your photos and memorabilia and create unique artwork to display in your home.  Clothing or other sentimental items?  We can include them too, or provide resources and assistance in having them transformed into newly cherished objects.

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