Friday Family Stories

Hello everyone and Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you but when the weather turns in New England, my thoughts turn towards the indoor projects I’m going be working on over the looooooong New England winter.  This winter, I’ll be working on some projects for my immediate family (no, I am not done with the “boxes in the attic” )  , and I’ll also be working on the large amount of heritage material from both sides of my family.

Todays photo and story are from some scanning that I had done of family photos and slides a few years ago….I present to you The 3 Triggs Men:

This is the page I made for our family history album, very easy to translate this idea to a simpler photobook spread if that is the direction I had wanted to take.  It’s such a treasure hunt, working with old family photos.  I had never seen this photo before I dug into the shoebox (yes, an actual shoebox – I know you have them too) of random photos!

The Original photo:

Is it the best quality photo?  No   Is there only so much you can do to improve it?  Yes  But, as I mention in the journaling below, I had not come across a photo of all three Triggs men at that point.  Even it’s not the most perfect quality, it’s the only photo I have so far so it goes in the album/photobook.

The journaling reads:

1961- Clover Hills Drive, Rochester NY Grandpa Triggs, Dad and Uncle Jimmy hamming it up for the camera. I have not really come across a photo of all three Triggs men together. Lord knows, there are enough photos floating around to pick from. I love this photo as everyone is smiling, and it typifies how I remember everyone. Grandpa in his dress shirt and slacks (I never saw him wear anything else, except maybe a short sleeve dress shirt if it got really hot, and always a solid color). Dad in a plaid shirt, and khaki pants (his uniform of choice today, except *gasp* now there just might be a pair of “dungarees” in the mix) no doubt making some pithy comment about the entire situation that has cracked the other two up (still does that to this day). Uncle Jimmy in his flight jacket, which always fascinated me (of course he flew little planes so he needed that warm jacket), I asked him once how I could get one just like it and he said he could get me one just like his, but it might have a little blood on it (typical Uncle Jimmy). Yes, Grandpa and his boys, in the driveway on a crisp autumn day.

If you’d like help organizing your paper photos, digitizing photos, or putting together albums or photo books, let Modern Memorykeeper help you get those images out of shoeboxes, preserved and remade into beautiful new projects to share with your friends and family.


Friday Family Stories is a weekly blog series demonstrating how to pair your photos with their stories,  catching fleeting moments to share with those that matter most

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