Batch Editing in Apple Photos 2022: Laptop/Desktop version

I was working with a client yesterday and she asked how to batch edit images in Apple Photos on her laptop. Perfect information for a blog post for everyone. This process will look completely different if you are working in iOS on your iPhone or iPad. I’m using the latest update in Mac Monterey andContinue reading “Batch Editing in Apple Photos 2022: Laptop/Desktop version”

Monthly Photo Management Tips

“It’s good to have a plan”  that is a phrase that echoes around our house quite often and especially during busy times of the year.   We plan for all sorts of things,  grocery shopping, vacations, car maintenance, weather…. Let’s make a plan for what to do with your photos!    In a perfect world,Continue reading “Monthly Photo Management Tips”

Personal Project: The Kilmer-Tuttle Family Archives

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a personal project my sister and I have (finally) made a start on… The Kilmer-Tuttle Family Archives (or Trove as we really refer to it). If you are following Modern Memorykeeper on Instagram or Facebook, you have no doubt noticed a tip a day being shared as September isContinue reading “Personal Project: The Kilmer-Tuttle Family Archives”

Women Equality Day and our Grandmothers

My grandmother Florence was born in 1898.  When she was born, women could not vote.  When she turned 18 in 1916, she still could not vote.   Women did not get the vote until this day in 1920, when the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was ratified.   100 years ago,Continue reading “Women Equality Day and our Grandmothers”

Friday Family Stories

  I have to be honest in this space, between the Pandemic crisis and all that has been surrounding it for us here in Massachusettes (College students home two months early, hubby working from home, strict stay-at-home orders, business disruptions and lots of mask making) the economic turmoil exacerbated by the crisis and the horrificContinue reading “Friday Family Stories”

Friday Family Stories

This installment of Friday Family Stories is brought to you by the Triggs clan of Huntington, Indiana circa 1912, 1915 & 1917.    I am so fortunate that my Grandpa Triggs put together a book of family stories and photographs years ago so that we can enjoy them!   I have a large trove ofContinue reading “Friday Family Stories”

Friday Family Stories

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! I don’t know about you but when the weather turns in New England, my thoughts turn towards the indoor projects I’m going be working on over the looooooong New England winter.  This winter, I’ll be working on some projects for my immediate family (no, I am not done with theContinue reading “Friday Family Stories”