Personal Project: The Kilmer-Tuttle Family Archives

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a personal project my sister and I have (finally) made a start on… The Kilmer-Tuttle Family Archives (or Trove as we really refer to it). If you are following Modern Memorykeeper on Instagram or Facebook, you have no doubt noticed a tip a day being shared as September isContinue reading “Personal Project: The Kilmer-Tuttle Family Archives”

A Photo Organizers Project: Boxes in the Attic 1 of 4

Good morning everyone! It is finally really spring in New England and this photo organizer is hard at work on lots of projects over here.  I recently had the enviable job of starting to clean out and organize our giant attic ahead of some renovations.  Luckily right now it’s very cool so it’s the perfectContinue reading “A Photo Organizers Project: Boxes in the Attic 1 of 4”

Friday Family Stories

Last week I took a hiatus on the blog to drive out to attend my little sisters wedding celebration !  This week I’m back with a new story… which has me feeling all the feels since these two little girls will be going off to college next year… The text reads: June 2004: Boston PublicContinue reading “Friday Family Stories”

Friday Family Stories

Todays Friday Family Story goes way back, 82 1/2 years if we’re counting, to a photo of my mom as a little girl.  The text reads:   My mom, at 2 1/2 years old.  Today would have been her 83rd birthday.  I am so very very lucky to have multiple photo albums full of picturesContinue reading “Friday Family Stories”

You don’t have to be First Lady to preserve your memories

This past week, Mrs Barbara Bush was laid to rest at 92, “Americas Grandmother” and beloved wife of 72 years to her Husband, mom of six children, grandma to many grandchildren and lover of dogs.   I loved Mrs. Bush, I thought she was a great inspiration for women of all ages and stages, I wishContinue reading “You don’t have to be First Lady to preserve your memories”