A Photo Organizers Project: Boxes in the Attic 1 of 4

Good morning everyone!

It is finally really spring in New England and this photo organizer is hard at work on lots of projects over here.  I recently had the enviable job of starting to clean out and organize our giant attic ahead of some renovations.  Luckily right now it’s very cool so it’s the perfect time to tackle this project.

Imagine my surprise and delight to open a box that was filled with 4 boxes of things I thought were long gone.   I know we all have these boxes somewhere !  I thought I’d share mine here and on the Modern Memorykeeper You Tube channel.  You can follow along (hit the subscribe buttons) as I post a new find each week and then I’ll figure out what I am going to do with “all the things” !

A few things to note:

The attic is not the place for boxes and content such as this.  After I filmed and photographed the contents of the boxes (as much for sharing with you as for a visual inventory) I have moved them down into the main part of the house.  Your photographs, albums, media and other parts of your Family Memory Library should be living where you live to help prevent loss due to extremes in temperature, humidity and potential insect or mice damage  (yes we live in a an old house so I automatically assume there are mice sharing the dwelling).

The boxes that are containing “all the things” are not archival, but they are clean and sturdy and have safely contained the contents for well over 10 years probably closer 15.  (They are from Ikea similar to these and yes we love Ikea storage! )  After the collection has been sorted and organized and I’ve developed a plan on how I want to preserve the items and then be able to share them and incorporate them into my Family Memory Library,  I’ll re-home the items into archival storage.  (and I’ll share my sources and methods with you!).

I’m a photo organizer and passionate memory keeper…I am not a videographer!  My new mantra is done is better than perfect, my videos are shot with my iPhone 7 or my Canon camera and edited in iMovie, so my process is accessible and simple for everyone.  Getting my projects and enthusiasm for Memorykeeping to you is my most important goal!  i hope you enjoy and take away some inspiration and ideas for your own projects!


I’ll be posting a video each Wednesday on my Modern Memorykeeper YouTube Channel  I’ll also be writing on the blog and sharing additional photos on Instagram and Facebook so subscribe to be notified when a new video is posted!

And to my fellow Bostonians…get outside quick!  The sun is shining!

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