Friday Family Stories

Hello and Happy January!  I hope the new year is treating you well so far.  This long weekend here in Boston, we are getting ready for our first real snowfall of the season.  The snowblower has been gassed up, firewood has been brought in and snow shovels are at the ready!  It’s going to be a great weekend to cozy up and stay inside with some projects…which is exactly my plan.

This weeks Friday Family Story goes way back to 1966.  See that adorable little boy ?  That is my husband at about the age of 3.  This photo was taken by his mom at a neighborhood halloween party where they lived in the Bronx in NYC.  I have this image because several years ago I scanned ALL of my mother-in-laws photo albums for a birthday project for my husband.    Now, whatever happens to the original albums, we have full scans of each page digitally archived AND backed up in multiple locations.    The fun starts after all the technical work is done and I can extract photos to make scrapbook pages or a photobook layout as you see here.  I don’t really have much more information than the date and place and that it was Halloween.  The original photo has faded greatly, I could have restored it to color, but I chose to change it to black and white as I felt a black and white image worked better in this colorful scrapbook page.  One of my ongoing family projects is a Halloween through the Generations album which features photos from 3 generations of Halloween revelers from both sides of our family.

2015-09-charlie halloween 1966 lent6-print
Traditional Scrapbook Page
new clean page
simplified photobook page


Once the older family photos are digitized, the possibilities for storytelling, even with out a lot of detail, are wide open.  If you’d like help digitizing your family photos, or putting together albums or photo books, let Modern Memorykeeper help you get those images out of old disintegrating scrapbooks, preserved and remade into beautiful new projects to share with your friends and family.


Friday Family Stories is a weekly blog series demonstrating how to pair your photos with their stories,  catching fleeting moments to share with those that matter most


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