Friday Family Stories

It’s the last Friday in November… 4 more Fridays and then it’s on to the new year! Hard to believe it’s almost that time but the last of the turkey has been eaten and the Christmas decorations are making their way down from the attic.  This weeks Friday Family Story theme is shopping (fitting right?)…being bored while shopping actually…

The text reads:   “It was the end of a long day of shopping at “The Mothership” aka LL Bean in Freeport. Auntie Tina and I had to examine everything in the Home Store and you for were done. You’d spent your gift cards at the main store and now it was time to home or go for ice cream, or both but please no more SHOPPING!”


Get It Scrapped Scrapbook Coach 21 Top Heavy Template No 1 by Debbie Hodge
Traditional Scrapbook page


Bored at bean simple
Simplified photobook page

So get your photos off of your camera roll on your phone and start telling the stories that are every day small stories, but ones which you know your kids will remind you of over and over (yes, my sister and I are still hearing about “that time you shopped at Bean forever” 4+ years later).


Friday Family Stories is an (almost) weekly blog series demonstrating how to pair your photos with their stories,  catching fleeting moments to share with those that matter most

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