Friday Family Stories

It’s the last Friday in November… 4 more Fridays and then it’s on to the new year! Hard to believe it’s almost that time but the last of the turkey has been eaten and the Christmas decorations are making their way down from the attic.  This weeks Friday Family Story theme is shopping (fitting right?)…being bored while shopping actually…

The text reads:   “It was the end of a long day of shopping at “The Mothership” aka LL Bean in Freeport. Auntie Tina and I had to examine everything in the Home Store and you for were done. You’d spent your gift cards at the main store and now it was time to home or go for ice cream, or both but please no more SHOPPING!”


Get It Scrapped Scrapbook Coach 21 Top Heavy Template No 1 by Debbie Hodge

Traditional Scrapbook page


Bored at bean simple

Simplified photobook page

So get your photos off of your camera roll on your phone and start telling the stories that are every day small stories, but ones which you know your kids will remind you of over and over (yes, my sister and I are still hearing about “that time you shopped at Bean forever” 4+ years later).


Friday Family Stories is an (almost) weekly blog series demonstrating how to pair your photos with their stories,  catching fleeting moments to share with those that matter most

Friday Family Stories

Last week I took a hiatus on the blog to drive out to attend my little sisters wedding celebration !  This week I’m back with a new story… which has me feeling all the feels since these two little girls will be going off to college next year… The text reads:

June 2004: Boston Public Garden Today we made a family excursion into Boston to walk around and enjoy the day. It was a beautiful day and we had such fun walking around the Common, down by the Charles River and into the Public Garden. Of course we couldn’t visit the Public Garden without checking out the “Make Way for Ducklings” statue in the corner of the Garden by Charles Street. We have read that book over and over and over, I think we all knew it by heart. You named all the ducklings and debated who was where in the line. You even posed for pictures on your favorite duckling. A fun way to spend a gorgeous afternoon in Boston! Remembered 2015, Love Mama

2015-11-Key to my heart-Lent8-PRINT

Original scrapbook page



Simpler large photo version

Having these photos and doing what I do to tell stories for my family makes the inevitable transitioning to an empty next slightly more appealing!  And it’s all about the stories my friends.


Friday Family Stories is a weekly blog series demonstrating how to pair your photos with their stories,  catching fleeting moments to share with those that matter most

Friday Family Stories

Todays Friday Family Story goes way back, 82 1/2 years if we’re counting, to a photo of my mom as a little girl.  The text reads:  

My mom, at 2 1/2 years old.  Today would have been her 83rd birthday.  I am so very very lucky to have multiple photo albums full of pictures of my mother and her family.  They were quite a bunch!  Slowly, we are going through the treasures.  I love this photo for the picture of my mom with her dolly carriage mostly because it’s of her, with something she loved, her dolls.  I also love this because it sets time and place.  My mom always had a lovely coat and sometimes hat in photos and always cute outfits.  And saddle shoes (!) and it seems very modern that she’s wearing pants!  And that wicker doll carriage?  I have it, in my attic.  Mom gave it to me years ago when we had an old victorian house… she thought I could use it for decoration because it was…Victorian.  Love it, love her and so happy to have treasures such as these.  

Happy Birthday Mom.

2016-32-Mom 1937 LFDD oh snap fb freebie-PRINT

The original presentation of this story


Photo and story in a streamlined presentation


There is a struggle with old photos where we don’t know the exact details of the photograph. Why bother to keep them when we don’t know the story?  We can however tell a story that links the past to the present even without knowing the details.  I don’t know where this was taken, although I can probably guess it was somewhere around their home at the time in Peekskill, NY.  I don’t know who took it, my grandfather or one of the uncles?  Or if it signifies some specific event, April is not my mom’s birth month so it would not be a photo commemorating her birthday.  It could very well just be a picture of my mom being adorable (and honestly, from the expression on her face, it looks like the photo shoot may have been going on for awhile…).  But what I do know is how I feel about the photograph, and the memories it evokes for me.  I can add my observations surrounding the photograph (the garments she’s wearing and that she loved her dolls) and contemporary details that link me with my mom (the doll carriage that I now have).   I invite you to take a new look at your photographs and see what kinds of stories you can tell from an image that you previously thought was silent.  Let the photo speak to you, you will be surprised what it has to say.  

As you can see, telling your story doesn’t have to involve loads of photos or pages and pages of text (unless that is what you want, then go for it!)  One story, simply told as part of your family story.    Want help telling your family story?  Modern Memorykeeper can help you tell your stories while preserving your family memories.  Let us show you how!


Friday Family Stories is a weekly blog series demonstrating how to pair your photos with their stories,  catching fleeting moments to share with those that matter most

You don’t have to be First Lady to preserve your memories

This past week, Mrs Barbara Bush was laid to rest at 92, “Americas Grandmother” and beloved wife of 72 years to her Husband, mom of six children, grandma to many grandchildren and lover of dogs.   I loved Mrs. Bush, I thought she was a great inspiration for women of all ages and stages, I wish I could have had the chance to meet her.  Did you also know she was a scrapbooker?   Yes, the former First Lady of the United States was an avid memory keeper.   A video posted from television station  Shared glimpses of Ms. Bushes scrapbooks .  

She saved letters, photographs, programs and newspaper clippings  all lovingly pasted into many, many albums.    She was an avid photographer, documenting her family and her travels which I am sure also found her way into her scrapbooks.  A small gallery of her photographs can be found here on her website.

Some of Mrs Bushes books are now part of the Bush Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.  I’m sure many more of them are being enjoyed by her children, grandchildren and friends.  

as an aside… I have never really researched First Ladies and there are SO MANY interesting sites and resources out there.  The Site is fascinating and has a lovely tribute to Barbara Bush as of this writing.  

As Mrs Bushes memory keeping shows, it’s a gift and a joy to take photos, tell stories and share them with those we love.  Do you need to have your own paper conservator for your memories?  Not at all, the most important thing is getting those memories, photos and stories out of boxes, envelopes, slides, negatives, whatever the format, and unite them with their stories.    Feeling like you don’t know where to start with your memories?

For a little encouragement, may I present my first scrapbook:

all the photos

I have to say, I’ve come quite a long way since those pages of documentation!  Today, not only am I documenting my own family stories and working on the “Family Archives” of antique scrapbooks, photographs and papers and more contemporary photos and slides… I helping clients preserve their memories and tell their stories. At Modern Memorykeeper  we can create beautiful memories out of boxes of photo chaos….and sometimes all it takes is finding one old scrapbook to start.